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Our Services

We’re committed to customer satisfaction, and know the importance of doing exceptional work.

The purpose of the facility is to provide our customers with an efficient and user-friendly location for servicing and storing vessels while still maintaining cleanliness, environmental quality, and safety.  

We provides dockage, workspace, storage space, and other services which are billed to the customer according to the schedule of rates described in the estimates provided and governed by the terms and conditions of the Dockage and Service Agreement and supporting documents that may be applicable to their purposes.  

Customers that require service work are directed to contract with third parties (contractors) to engage the required services and management needed for their vessel and are encouraged to make sure third parties conform to the yard rules so that the company can continue to provide a quality location for their service needs

We provide daily dockage space for Vessels in our facility. Our services include secure and well-maintained space. 

Hurricane Storage

Our secure facility provides long term boat dry storage for vessels of all sizes and types in preparation for approaching hurricanes.


Daily access to the designated workspace area. Our team will ensure that each vessel has adequate space to operate and work. 


Experience the convenience and safety of our 250 Ton Marine Travelift with a 35-foot wide haulout slip, and our 100 Ton Marine Travelift with a 25-foot wide haulout slip, for seamless vessel launching and removal operations.


At our facility, we provide secure and reliable dry storage solutions based on the length and beam of your vessel.

Pressure Wash

We specialize in providing a workspace for professional pressure washing services.

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